Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Can you be too obsessive?!

So finally I managed to get a publishing house to let me do some proofreading for them. Not paid yet, it's a test to see if I'm any good. So I spent hours trawling through the proofs, it was supposed to be a straight reprint of the hardback so they weren't expecting many errors. I found quite a few, that had also made it through to the hardback. I am so obsessive it scares me sometimes. So they'll either hire me on the spot or say I'm too picky and would cost too much with all the errors I pick up! I just hope the person who proofread the hardback isn't the one who sent me the test or they'll really hate me! I am so made for this job. Fingers crossed!


  1. I once read a book on Sweeney Todd, and was so distracted by the errors IN THE SECOND EDITION, that I started writing them down, with the intention of sending a letter to the editor listing what they needed to fix.

    I never actually sent the letter...I couldn't think of a nice way to word it, and as a result, the draft is still sitting on my computer.

  2. Ha ha, the amount of times I have nearly written to a publishers (of books, leaflets that come through my door, curry restaurants are the worst offenders in that category!) offering to proofread for them as they obviously don't bother themselves are too many to count!!