Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Strict mothers!

Speaking of which, I will probably end up being the strictest mother on the block. My nephew is 8 and coming home from school all the boys around his age were on about what they were playing on the computer the night before. Mostly Grand Theft Auto and Call of Duty. Both of which are 18 certificates. It shocked me to be honest, all these "little" boys (they won't thank me for that! But they ARE 8!!) playing games like that - what are their parents doing?! I tell you this, my boys will not be playing things like that until they are actually the right age - but then their mates will all be on about it and my two won't have a clue what with being stuck with Disney dvds and Spongebob games! They will be pariahs! It is very hard being a parent, it's so hard to be strict and not just give in. 

And at school this afternoon, a little girl who was just walking was toddling round while her mum was oblivious to her, gossiping with her mates. She had a packet of Walkers crisps (which mine never had till much later as they are choking hazards don't you know!) and kept dropping them in the slushy dirty snow and then picking them up and eating them. It was all I could do not to rush up and stop her! If she gets sick her mum will probably go "I have no idea how she caught it". But to be honest, she probably picks up worse at home! Fags or cans of Special Brew.

Shit. I think I am a snob. No I'm not really, I'm just the Strictest Mother in Essex! Beware my children, beware!

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