Friday, December 03, 2010


What is it with tv at the moment?! There is a big trend of showing the highlights of the next episode at the end of programs. Last night I was catching up and watching one of my dramas that the husband refuses to watch. Right at the end a bloke who has been a prisoner of war for over a year gets back home to be told that his wife and daughter were killed by a bomb. It was heart-rending and so sad, when he knocked on his front door and someone else answered it you knew it wasn't good. Then they cut to him screaming in agony, then a second later it goes to "and next time..." and it really spoilt the moment. The poor director spent ages building up the tension and getting to the crucial bit of the plot, and then the bloody program schedulers ruined it. Why do they think we are not to be trusted to watch the next episode without some enticement of what is to come? 

Imagine if they did it with books. You get to the end of a Harry Potter novel for instance, and there is a page at the end: "Next time in Harry Potter: he has a lot of fights, gets really angry, and Dumbledore dies and it was Snape who did it". Would you bother reading the next one?! And the worst thing is that the tv program was from a book, and the author did the screenplay, he must be screaming at the tv!

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