Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I've seen it all now!

So opposite our local primary school there is an Iceland. I was there just before it opened yesterday to get yet some more hot cross buns for Baby Babs #1 (he will look like one soon). Anyways, amongst the people also waiting for it to open was a woman who was unremarkable apart from the fact that she was wearing her pyjamas and slippers. Honestly. She must have got out of bed, dropped her kids off at school, gone to Iceland, and then gone back to bed. And they weren't even just sloppy pants you wear round the house, which she would have got away with, they were clearly pink and flanelette. Lazy cow! What kind of example is she to her kids?! Some Tesco stores have banned people going in wearing their pyjamas (and skimpy vest wearing/topless men, and penguin suits) (not really, I was lying about the penguin suits) - so she was obviously limited in her choice of shop. How long does it take to throw on a pair of trousers? She could have left her pyjama top on under her coat - I suppose at least she wasn't wearing her dressing gown too...

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  1. Ugh...I know exactly what you mean! (but it would have been pretty funny to see someone dressed as a penguin :P)