Saturday, February 13, 2010


So I want to get the boys' names tattooed on me. But where? It is hard to think of a suitable spot. Their Dad has just had his done on his upper arm, but I want one I can see most of the time. Which rules out my arse :) I was thinking of having them on my wrist, but a quick google of images put me off, half of them look like they are trying to hide razor scars which isn't the look I am going for. Someone I know has them on her shin, but then I am not sure about that either. I could do a "love/hate" type tattoo on my knuckles, then I can slap the boys with the hand with their name on (joke Mr Social Services!) - oh it is difficult. Maybe I'll go totally rock and have them on my neck, then when I do go back to work everyone will think I am trouble!


  1. I've got my daughters name tattooed on my back, below my neck and in between my shoulder blades (pic on my blog). But I guess you can rule that out if it's some place you want to see! I forget mine's actually there quite often! How about your foot? I've got one there too (although not a name) and it's a great spot!

  2. I also have a special name across my back in the aforementioned place. I like it there, but in terms of being able to see my own tattoos, I also have words written down the under-sides of my forearms (sorry, i don't have pics up right now). Does that make sense? So if I am walking along, arms at my sides, and you are behind me, you can read what is written down the back of my forearms. I like those ones. The ol' bicep can be good too, and it can be done in a feminine style... Can't wait to see!