Monday, February 01, 2010

Books? What are they?

While dropping son #1 off at pre-school last week this happened. My librarian genes are still in shock...

To set the scene, a mum & little girl walk in, girl is holding an umbrella. Other people there include a hippy dad, who is a proper hippy and very clever. The mum says to everyone that she wonders why the girl insists on having the umbrella up as it isn't raining. Hippy dad starts quoting from the Winnie the Pooh scene where Pooh has an umbrella. All the mums look blankly at him. He says hopefully: "Winnie the Pooh?" to which the mum says; "oh, I must have missed that episode".

He bleakly says "it is a book."

To which the mums go back to their discussions about boob jobs and chianti. Poor poor man.

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  1. Wow, that is SO sad. I am not married yet, and have no kids of my own, but I have ten nieces and nephews, and I always bring (or mail) them books and comics, and I have recently been teaching them how to make homemade postcards for their far-off cousins. They love every bit of it.

    (I found your blog randomly, and this post caught my eye - very cool)