Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Waiting waiting waiting...

Today I am waiting in for our tv to be returned for the second time. The first time they returned it, after an hour it went funny again. They've had it for well over a month now - how hard can it be to fix a tv?! They didn't offer us a temporary set or anything so it is a good job we had a spare one, or I would have gone crazy by now stuck at home all day. Or we'd have been bankrupt as I would have had to go shopping every day instead. I'm not looking forward to it, as the old man who is bringing it back is very patronising to me - like I wouldn't know anything about electrical equipment. When I asked last time what was wrong with it, he took a big breath, and told me that it was surprising as in the summer (summer?! what's that then?) most people are out and about and not watching their televisions ALL THE TIME. Git!! I don't, it's mostly background noise to keep me company. And what business is it of his? And how is that related to what is wrong with the tv?! What, they don't like to work in the summer and it got the hump? Please.

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