Thursday, August 30, 2007

Old or young?!

It's coming up to me and Miss S's birthdays again and we're going out on Saturday night with Lady L. I haven't been out in so long I am nearly wetting myself with excitement. But nearing the mid 30s brings weird feelings. My immediate thought when deciding where to meet was a) would there be somewhere to sit and talk and b) would we have to wait ages to be served at the bar. That signals the onset of old age. But then I also wanted a) lots of cocktails and b) somewhere I could stagger home from in my heels which really means I am still in the prime of my youth. This was reinforced last week when I was ID'd in the supermarket. ID?! I said to the lady "I am 32" and thankfully she believed me. The days of carrying around picture ID with my birthday on it are long behind me. But I was buying wine at 10am so she might have thought I was an irresponsible yoof who was off to the park to drink and smoke pot. Then later that day a woman doing a phone survey asked my age and I said the 30-34 bracket, and she said "that can't be right, you sound far too young". Bless!! Asked for ID at 32 years of age, it made my week! Now should we go dancing after the pub? Hell yeah!

1 comment:

  1. Lady Librarian is scared. Oh so very scared.

    Dude, you and Miss S have enough trouble walking in heels, never mind dancing in them post-cocktails.

    Very, very scared...