Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Mobile manners

What is it these days with people being surgically attached to their mobiles? Is it really so important to see the latest photos your mate has put up on facebook or read a tweet a celebrity has posted? Recently, I was at a birthday party. It was a football party, and the kids had a "coach" who was supposed to train them and watch over a game. This in reality entailed him standing in the corner checking his mobile obsessively while the kids just ran around. The boys who didn't play often didn't really know what to do while the ones who were on a team ran rings round them. He barely looked up. Even when one boy got smacked in the face with a ball and ended up with a massive nosebleed.
It was the same in the supermarket the other day. Someone who was supposed to be working there doing something with the shelves, was having a phone call to their mate while someone who wanted help to find something just stood there like an idiot. I suppose you can't do much about the ignorant people walking along the street texting obliviously while everyone else leaps into the road to avoid them, but I do object to people who are being paid for something spending the time on their phone. They are at work, why are they on their phones?! At another party I went to all the parents were on their phones, and the staff who were supposed to be supervising the party were too.
We need to make a stand against this deference to a piece of metal and start bloody living our lives again. Talk to each other face to face, instead of posting updates online for your friends to read! I find myself doing that, I update something then tell my friends the same story when I see them and then I think "they already know this". Even people at gigs these days don't just enjoy the music and have a dance. They are too busy holding their phones up over their heads trying to record the gig, ending up with a rubbish film of a midget singing a long way away and lots of other hands in front of them. Lighters yes, mobiles no.
Down with mobiles!!
Nb. but in good mobile news I got my iphone unlocked and can now tweet and update facebook while I'm walking to the shops or on the school run :)

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