Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Gatecrashing and fireworks

Bonfire night round our way is taken very seriously. Friday night the local scouts at the bottom of our garden had their "do" which was very noisy and at one point I thought they were blowing up gas canisters from the noise of the explosions, the windows were even shaking! Then when they finished a pub up the road started off which were even bigger, if possible. Saturday night carried on much the same, fireworks everywhere you looked, which is good if you don't want to pay to go to a display! Littl'un #1 seems to have got over his fear, the past 3 years he has screamed every time a rocket went off. Littl'un #2 seems to be made of stronger stuff, he didn't even flinch. And we got to gatecrash the neighbours' fireworks party as he saw us standing at the back door and invited us over. This included a big vodka and 2 very tired little boys by the end of it, so it was marvellous! And the next day we got to play "how many bits of firework are in our garden" which is quite entertaining, though the wind must have been going the other way this year, last year they were all by the back door and some had even gone over the house! This is no mean feat as our garden is 100ft, those scouts sure know how to throw a mean firework display!

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