Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Pushy salespeople

It's my, ahem, 21st birthday next week. I decided I want a new ring, we have been watching a lot of Gems TV recently and I like the pretty stones. So I went to our local jewellers where I got a lovely moonstone pendant last year and looked at the rings. I forgot about the odd lady who works there. She did exactly the same thing she did last year. While I was trying on rings, she got one out that was "perfect" for me, and while it was nice, I wasn't that excited about it. But her tone of voice was like "you have to get this one, there is no option". I felt pressured, every other ring I tried on after that caused her to frown and even walk away at one point in disgust! So I made my excuses and legged it. It's like she thought she knew the perfect piece of jewellery for every customer, and she really didn't. To give her credit, it wasn't the most expensive piece they had, so she wasn't doing it for the money, but her sales technique needed a lot of work bless her! I might go back with Mr Babs as back up and get the one I actually liked, even if she tuts at me!

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  1. I always have trouble with "pushy" salespeople. When my brother and I go to look for new eyeglasses, we always have to contend with a rather overzealous saleswoman who will not stop giving us glasses to try on (and they NEVER look any good!) We'd do better trying to find something on our own!

    I wish that some people would realize that we all have our own personal interests in fashion, etc., and it would be more pleasant for all involved to just let us do things our way! :P