Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Accident prone

Now BB is almost walking, well he is, he just isn't too steady, life is getting dangerous. He's fine at home with a carpet but a baby group we go to has a very sensible solid concrete floor. He got away from me today and of course fell backwards. The crack when his head hit the floor still makes me feel sick. And of course he cried (the shock I think more than anything) and I bawled like a big girl! The other mums were like "how soppy is she?" and it doesn't help BB to have me bawling and making him think something really bad has happened! What would I do if it did?! I must start to toughen myself up, I'll have to watch really sad tv and train myself not to cry. Moulin Rouge and Gladiator always do it for me. After a few intensive sessions I should be hard enough only to cry if BB hurts himself so badly he actually needs an ambulance and not if he merely grazes his thumb...

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