Sunday, July 01, 2007

It's July so here come the terrorists... we go again. They started a bit earlier this year. It is really scary, weirdly even more so now I don't go into London everyday anymore. It makes me more paranoid about my friends and family who do. But the news is typically sensationalist, giving airtime to random "eye witnesses" to rant freely. One hysterical interview I saw (I know, it shouldn't have been funny) was after the first car was found in Haymarket. The news had this extremely camp man practically jumping up and down with rage exclaiming "they tried to blow up Tiger Tiger!!! How could they?! It would be a travesty!!". Now to me, having to actually go to Tiger Tiger would be a terrible terrible experience. But this bloke was talking about it like it was The Best Nightclub In The World (tm) when it clearly isn't. If it hadn't been proved to be scary terrorists I could happily have believed it was a disgruntled partygoer who would rather drive a car into it than pay to go in.

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