Monday, June 04, 2007

Just stop watching films!

My run of bad luck with terrible films continues. I'm just not going to bother anymore. Last night we watched "The Quiet" - a new "gothic drama" advertised on the film channels - and we paid for the privilege. It was truly truly terrible!! The plot in a nutshell - family adopt deaf/mute girl. Dad is abusing his daughter, deaf/mute girl finds out, mum already knows but dopes herself up on prozac or something to block it out. Eventually deaf/mute girl kills dad when he's attacking his daughter. Mum takes rap, goes to prison. Deaf/mute girl isn't deaf or mute at all. Starts talking. The end.

Why oh why do films like this get funding?! It had that blonde girl who plays Kiefer Sutherland's daughter in 24 in it so we assumed it might be vaguely credible. Pft. I take back everything I said about Miami Vice. I swear the premise we read before deciding to watch it - and indeed the trailer - was about a different film.

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